Casa da Pomba News Bulletin

(House of the Dove)


November 26, 2018


Deacon Dave’s Christmas Display Opens:

The 36th Grand Opening is set for Friday November 30th at 6:30 p.m.  People will gather in the closed street in front of Deacon Dave’s House of the Dove.  We suggest you bring a flashlight as the display will be darkened until the Opening Ceremonies.  The colorful procession will begin at the top of Hillcrest Ave. at Fordham Way and proceed down Hillcrest Ave. to The House of the Dove.  The following streets will be stopped at Hillcrest until the procession passes:

Fordham Way, Santa Clara Way, Pomona Way and Compton Ct.


St. Michael Church combined three choirs and Trinity Choir will be singing in the Christmas Season. 


2018 Theme for the Christmas Display:

Will be announced at the opening ceremonies.


2018 Christmas Lights dedicated to Volunteers:

Deacon Dave salutes all volunteers and ask God to send special blessings upon them.  Each light at the House of the Dove is dedicated as a prayer for all volunteers who made the Christmas Display but for all volunteers throughout the world.  Volunteers make a difference in people’s lives.  God bless the volunteers of the world.


Proposal Bridge:

There have been 67 wedding proposals on Proposal Bridge under the Christmas Lights over many years.  Last year we only had one wedding proposal on the now famous bridge. 


State of the Art Security System 24/7 (365 days of the year):

100 Security Cameras cover the entire property inside the residence and on the grounds.  This is not only to protect property but also the many visitors.  Some of the Security Cameras will be in full view, most will not be seen.  If someone does not want to be on camera and recorded, the House of the Dove is not the place to visit. 


What is the best night to walk thru the Display?

To avoid long lines the best nights are Monday and Tuesday.


LED Lights do lower the P.G.& E. Costs:

Each year Deacon Dave adds more LED lights to the display.  We are at about 90% LED this year.

Yes, the LED lights do lower power costs.  Every year we get questions like does P.G.& E. give Deacon Dave a price discount.  ANSWER:  NO. We do however appreciate that they donate the use of a P.G.& E. Flatbed Truck for opening night as a stage for the opening ceremonies.

Invitation to join the 2019 Christmas Display Team:

We are always looking for volunteers to join the Christmas Team.  This is the area that we need help:  Construction, Painting, Stapling Garland and Lights on the Buildings, Decoration, and Electrical.  We can use help moving props from the prop building.  To join the Christmas Team, you are invited to contact Jeanie Haigh a member of Deacon Dave’s Planning Team, on this web site.


Christmas Display is a NON - SMOKING SITE. THANK YOU.


Is Deacon Dave a real Deacon?

Every year we are asked if Deacon Dave is a real Deacon.  The Answer is yes!  Rev. Deacon was ordained a permanent deacon of the Roman Catholic Church on December 4th, 1982.  For 23 years he was the Bishop’s Representative and Director of Deacons for the Diocese of Oakland. The Rev. Deacon retired from that position December of 2017.  He has also served as one of the clergymen at St. Michael Church here in Livermore for the past 36 years. He has not retired from that position.  Historical Note:  Deacons, Priests and Bishops are the three Holy Orders in the Catholic Church.


Deacon Dave’s Private Home:  

The front yard is open to the general public during the posted hours.  The Rev. Deacon’s Residence is not open to the public.  Viewing into the home can be seen from the many decorated window displays.  At times the Deacon has special invited guests such as St. Michael Church Staff and other groups.


Red Hats -Red Jackets:

Everyone who volunteers receives the special Red Cap with the emblem of the dove on the front of the hat.  Volunteers who have volunteered 3 years are awarded the Red House of the Dove Jacket.  Anyone wearing a red cap or wearing a House of the Dove Red Jacket can assist visitors, give directions and provide security.


Security Eye Patrol, Inc.

We are grateful for Security Eye Patrol, Inc. for providing nightly security of the display.  Thank you for your service.


Next Year’s Christmas 2019 Theme:

Deacon Dave already knows what next year’s theme will be.  Unfortunately, it is a big SECRET and he is not talking.  He will swear his volunteers to secrecy and announce the Theme on the Last Night of the Display.