Casa da Pomba News Bulletin

(House of the Dove)


August 20, 2020


Deacon Dave’s Christmas Display Opening Date:

The 38th Annual Christmas Display will open Friday Night December 4th.

Due to the Covid 19, We are planning on one of two options.

Option A:  Gates open to visitors at 6 p.m.

Option B:  Gates will not open and display viewed from street and sidewalk.




In all cases Masks will be required of visitors and social distancing of 6 feet distance between visitors.


The Christmas Display will be closed when there is heavy rain and or wind.


Santa and Mrs. Claus will NOT BE VISITING the display this year due to Covid 19.


The Light Count will remain the same as 2019, over 600,000 lights.


Deacon Dave will celebrate his Anniversary on December 4th:

Deacon Dave will celebrate his 38th Anniversary of Ordination as a Deacon of the Roman Catholic Church.  Deacon Dave as a Roman Catholic Cleric is assigned to St. Michael Church in Livermore.  He has NOT retired from ministry but has cut back on some of the duties as a cleric.


Two Entry Lines New this year:

If Option A is used and the Gates will open to the visitors, there will be two entry lines.  One for our visitors and a VIP line for Disabled, Handicapped and Special Invited Guests of the Deacon.


Red Caps, Red Jackets Casa da Pomba (House of the Dove) Volunteer Staff:

Please, Please, in all cases we ask that our visitors cooperate with the volunteer staff.  They are there to assist our visitors and answer questions.


The Christmas Display last night is Friday 9 p.m. January 1st 2021.



Deacon Dave extends his blessing and prayers on the People of God as we journey together and face the daily challenges in this most unusual time.  Life in general has greatly changed and our volunteer staff members are working on the display to bring the joy of Christmas into our lives.



We greatly appreciate the very talented and gifted members of Deacon Dave’s Christmas Display Team.  Thank them when you see them at the display.  They are the ones with the Red Cap with the Holy Spirit Dove symbol on the cap.  Many are wearing the Official House of the Dove Red Jacket.  These dedicated volunteers begin building and decorating Labor Day Weekend and work all the way up to the opening date.  That is called “DEDICATION.”


Right to Refuse Entry:

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Entry to the Christmas Display or the right to ask a person or persons to leave the property.  The property is privately owned by Deacon Dave and he reserves the right to control and manage his property. The Display is provided for the enjoyment of or visitors and not a venue for political statements, social causes, passing out flyers or anything else that is not approved by Deacon Dave.