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Christmas Family Tree
Is the Heart of Christmas
In your Home

By Rev. Deacon Dave Rezendes

I have often been asked the question “how can I make my family Christmas more glamorous and radiant?” My answer is always the same. The Family Christmas Tree is very special. Often the historical ornaments that have been handed down from one generation to another and those ornaments that have been given as a gift to you by special friends that have special meaning adorn the family Christmas Tree. Ornaments that have been purchased while on vacation or that special ornament that has a specific memory all make up the history of an ornament collection. Don’t destroy the Heart of your Family Christmas Tree.

Now if you have the room and are really into Christmas then you might want to look to setting up an additional Christmas Tree. This tree could well be one that you design and can make it as elegant as you wish. I know of people who delight in the Spirit of Christmas by setting up a Christmas Tree in every room of the house. But don’t mess with the Family Tree.

Theme Trees seem to be catching on. Such trees might include a kitchen tree, bathroom tree, bedroom tree (usually this one is more elegant), sports tree, fishing tree, snowman tree, mouse tree (for your cat), well you get the idea.

Of the 44 Christmas Trees inside The House of the Dove, The Family Tree with the old fashioned large bubble lights and adorned with some ornaments that are 130 years old is the most special in the house. Great Grandmother’s, Grandmother’s, Mother’s ornaments are on this 12 foot tree. Not only are the historical ornaments on the tree, but those I have picked up over the years that have special meaning. I call this tree the Tree of Memories.

I want to share with you what a friend of mine has done regarding starting an ornament collection for her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. This dear friend would hand make an ornament for each new born in the family and continue the practice each and every year until age 18. (For the girls and boys in the family.) Really a great way to begin an ornament memory collection.

Some theme trees project who you are. I know of one person who loves to garden. She has a Christmas Tree filled with “garden theme” ornaments. A Rancher friend of mine has his second tree themed with western themed ornaments.

But remember! Don’t mess with the Family Tree. Because the Family Tree has been around for so long, we may take it for granted. It has roots in the family, it has history, it has memory ornaments. We can look at a certain ornament and see a family setting, or person who gave us the treasured ornament. It will be up to you to keep the tradition on going.
Finally, I want to address the issue of historical ornaments. You know where they came from. Who handed it down to you. Where you may have purchased it. Many ornaments on the family tree have each their own story. It will be up to you to write down information on each ornament that has significance. I began doing that several years ago. Each year I take another group of ornaments and write the information and pack the information sheet with the ornaments. I strongly recommend that you do that with all special Christmas Decorations. Many items are discontinued and have real value. You would be surprised.

Merry Christmas and may you appreciate your family Christmas Tree, the Tree of memories that has the Heart of Christmas for your home.



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