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House of the Dove

Nana's Recipes

Mrs. Clara Gomes By Deacon David A. Rezendes

The Recipe Section of the Casa del Pomba (House of the Dove) web page is dedicated in Loving Memory of Clara Gomes, affectionately called Nana. 1891 – 1982 Nana was Deacon Dave’s Grandmother. Wow! Was she ever a good baker and cook. In fact anything in the kitchen was her domain. Deacon Dave found his Grandmother’s Recipes and locked them in a safe for future printing. So here they are! In addition to Deacon’s Grandmother’s recipes he will be printing many others from family and friends or some he has collected over the years. Many will be typed just as they appear and were written many, many years ago. So don’t be too critical of the grammar. The Deacon hopes you enjoy the recipes and invites you to try them. There are hundreds and hundreds of recipes in Nana’s file. Some of the recipes are from family members who have passed from this life to the promise of eternal life. The Recipe section will be an on-going project. The Deacon will also be adding modern day Recipe favorites. So keep checking for new entries. Enjoy!